Question and Answer input during a Livestream

We have a solution (using webforms) for learners to submit questions to panels / speakers during a Livestream course. Unfortunately, to view those results / submissions, we need to have a staff member log into EthosCE and then give that to the Course Directors to see the submissions. I know the CDs could be emailed the results, but they want to see all the questions/comments submitted at once.

With that, has anyone come up with another solution that is easier on the backend for non-staff members to access/view?

Mayo Clinic

We use PollEverywhere open text field question in a live meeting and I believe we have done it for conferences which are live and simultaneously livestreamed. It allows people to text in or go online to submit their questions and we give the course director our office log in (generally we provide them with an iPad at a live meeting) and that way they can see a running list of questions as they come in. They can also clear questions to help them organize. You can also download a report after of all of the questions. Many of our course directors are a huge fan of this.

Here is a sample of what we run in our administrative slideshow:


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