Quiz Comparison Improvements

We are interested in implementing the quiz comparison feature for pre- and post-tests across all our enduring courses. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like the simple comparison of final scores + comparison to peers is sufficient. This would be a most effective tool if learners could see the topics they need to further research. I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of pre- and post-test questions and answer options with clear delineation of what they answered correctly and incorrectly. The data is there, it would just be a matter of manipulating it.
Does anyone else want to see this feature improved? I love the thought behind it, but as such, it’s ineffective.

We have so much trouble getting people to do the Pre-Test unless we require it. Do you have response rate?

Susan Benysh

Did anyone have a solution for this? I’m currently trying to set up the same thing with a pre/post-test comparison. The self-assessment pulls what I’m looking for for the most part, but pulls results after one attempt, in this case, after the pre-test, which then throws off the entire course outline. The “first attempt” and “this attempt” is fine for our needs, but I can’t get the self-assessment course object to hold off long enough for users to get to “this attempt”. Thanks for any suggestions!

Hoping this answers the question. For the Pre Test: I have a quiz object set to 1 attempt only and the grade set to zero. I mark the correct answer. and we require the object.
For the post test, we have a grade that we require them to reach… 80, etc. and they have unlimited times to take it.
When we pull the report, the pre test only has the 1 attempt to compare to the post. For the post test, we look at the last attempt on the quiz, no matter if it was passing or not.

Thank you, Elizabeth! Does this show them side by side (instantly) their pre- and post-test results? How are you presenting their results with the report? (This is my first time playing in pre/post-tests)