Schedule a Course Object to Appear 3 Months After Course Completion

I am not sure if this would be possible currently:

We want to send out an evaluation to users 3 months after they complete the course. We were thinking we could make this evaluation a course object. The issue is that there does not seem to be a way to filter that a course object appears 3 months after the course is completed.

With the way things are set up now, we were thinking of setting up the course object to appear after the rest of the required course objects are complete (i.e. when the course is complete) and then setting up a reminder that would go out to people who are enrolled, 3 months after they have completed the course, to ask them to complete the course object.

The issue with this of course is that the course object will technically appear right after they complete the course, and we really do not want it to be accessible until 3 months after the course is completed.

Any suggestions would be great- thanks!

We have something like that set up in our system. The learner gets to a point where they can go on until after a 30 day waiting period. In our case, they have to download a simple form to use to create a plan, complete it and upload it into the system, and then go spend the next 30 days implementing their plan). After 30 days, the learner gets an email saying that they can come back to complete the module, in which there is a link to that course object (which is a repeat quiz). It’s a little clunky and very difficult to test it out first, but it works.

  • In course object settings, Access, choose “Event” - you set up the length of time (e.g. 30 days) and choose the course object that they have to complete to trigger the clock to start ticking.
  • At the course level, you set up a reminder with the same time period and choose from the dropdown which course object will be the event trigger. You compose your email in the message box, including the link to the course object. (This took some thinking!) So the user will get an email after 30 days that links directly to whatever course object you want them to do next (in your case I assume it would link to the evaluation). The reminder used to be in course settings, but now it’s in the green bar across the top, but I assume the setup is the same.

Hope this helps!

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We created a webform, then created a session called ‘evaluation’ and added the webform in the course outline by checking the ‘use existing content’ box in the edit menus. Then we used the series group report to download a csv of everyone who every enrolled in a session within each series, batch uploaded it and enrolled everyone in that ‘evaluation’ session. That allowed us to utilize the reminder feature to schedule and send an email to everyone enrolled in the ‘evaluation’ session asking them to fill out the survey. I hope that makes sense, I’ve only been doing this 2 months myself and am happy to explain further.

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We also put release dates (and expiration dates). We don’t allow it to be seen in the outline until the release date.

REMINDERS are huge and wonderful things!


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Thank you very much. This sounds like the best way to automate the process uniquely for each user. I will try this!