Attendance for integrated course objects

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I just found out that attendance for integrated course objects like GoToWebinar is only marked at the course object level. We often have people with computer use issues who complain that their attendance must not have been marked for webinars because they can’t figure out how to claim credit. Of course, it’s user error 99.9% of the time, but it would be nice to be able to open the Enrollments tab, search for them, and see if they actually attended. As it stands right now, we have to pull the course object report for the GTW object to get that info. We have NO OTHER USE for the report, so we’d be pulling it and discarding it–and giving less-than-optimal customer service to our members while they wait for the report to run,etc. I suppose we could run it and save it in the activity folder, but honestly, it’s one more task to complete that should be unnecessary.

Would anyone else benefit from course object attendance for integrated meeting/webinar softwares translating to marking the attendance on the Enrollments tab? Please vote this post up if you would, even if you don’t need it now but see it being a need in the future.


Agree with this idea and we would benefit from it as well as we are now using the GoToWebinar and Zoom course objects.

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