Reminders for users who are enrolled in but haven't started a course

We have course relationships set up where a user can enroll in many child courses based on the parent curriculum they choose. When the user does this, their enrollment has been “created” but not “started,” according to the Enrollment and Course Report. Under Reminders, we only see the option to send an email when the enrollment is created but not, for example, 2 weeks after it was. The inactivity reminders seem to only work for cases where the user has started a course object. It would be ideal to remind the user about courses they’ve shown interested in but haven’t started yet. Has anyone found a way to create a reminder for this situation?

Under the Course Settings tab, under Reminders, you should be able to set reminders “after” “course enrollment completion” - give it a try and see if it needs them to actually enter the course to get the reminder. I have never used this, and have wondered if it would work the way it SOUNDS.

Can’t you trigger a reminder on “Enrollment Start”? That’s what we do. I don’t think it requires a person to click the “Continue” button in order to get a reminder.

The inactivity reminders never have worked the way we wanted. We want to remind people to start/do an activity, not complete something they have already started. I would love to be able to remind users who haven’t even started something to do a required activity!

I agree. We have people who forget they have things in their pending activities (often it’s our Virtual Annual Meeting that they purchased and forgot about) and it would be nice to set these up with a couple of reminders so they don’t expire before people remember them (or not).

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There is an option for “Course enrollment created,” have you tried that? You should be able to use [14] days [after] [course enrollment created].

This is under Edit > Course settings > Reminders.

I’ll see how we can use this! It doesn’t account for whether someone has actually logged into the course though, right? So whether someone enrolls, starts then finishes the course right away or someone enrolls and forgets, both will get the same email x time after course enrollment complete.

That’s correct, everyone will get this.

We have done some planning on improving the reminder feature to include AND and AND NOT logic so you could evaluate multiple criteria. Such as [14] days [after] [course enrollment created] and not [complete].


The goal was to remind someone who had enrolled and forgotten, so this would email both people who forgot and people who enrolled and finished the course in one sitting. As gradecki said, we want to remind people about their pending activities.

That would be fantastic! Please keep us updated on that.

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