Searching for users by state?

Hello, All.

I am stumped. I can’t figure out how to search for users by state (or any other fields beyond name and email). I see that there is a graphic that sums the number of users by state, but I need to know who they are, across our entire user base. I would really like to export our user registration data en masse, then sort in Excel.

Any suggestions?

Laurie Isenberg
Life Chiropractic College West


There are several options for this.

Option 1: All user registrations and credit records
You can download all your users’ course registrations, including their profile data, from the course report. See the instructions here. then scroll to the bottom and click the CSV icon.

Option 2: All enrolled users who have been enrolled in courses
To download all the enabled accounts (defined as users who have registered for at least one course):

  1. Go to the admin menu and click on “EthosCE admin”
  2. Click on “EthosCE analytics”
  3. Click on “User engagement”
  4. Clear the date filter by clicking on filter at the top left, then set “Account creation date” to “is any time.” You can use this setting to limit the users to those created in the past year, quarter, month, etc.
  5. Click “Run”
  6. At the left you will the number of “Enabled accounts.” Click that number.
  7. Click “Download results”
  8. Click “All results”
  9. Click “Download”

Here is a video demonstration.

Option 3: All users regardless of registration status
You can download all users from the “Manage users” report.
See the instructions here, then scroll to the bottom of the report and click “CSV.”

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