Selected boards reverted to "- Select a value -" on MOC section of ACCME tab (JAPARS)

We are finding that ALL courses that offer MOC part 2 credit (MOC section of ACCME tab is enabled) now have the Specialty board wiped and reverted to “- Select a value - .” The MOC Points and MOC approvals sections remain unchanged.

Anyone else experiencing this? Very concerned about how this is affecting reporting. Will need to do more digging into our recent reports. Not sure when this started. I have a ticket in but wanted to know who else is having this problem.

Example: Course name: Rational Opioid Prescribing in Team-based Practice - opened 9/14/2023. Last updated 3/1/24. Three boards had been added in the MOC section of the ACCME tab. ABS, ABP, and ABIM. For each of these sections, “Specialty board” now says “- Select a value -” instead of the board.


Checked multiple activities and not seeing this issue on our end. Good luck!

Now our reporting to CPE Monitor appears to be messed up as well - “Missing ePID” - and when we check their profile, they have the correct board and a number listed. These are people who have had accurate reporting in the past. Anyone else having pharmacy reporting issues?

We had trouble yesterday. I had to requeue a bunch of credit and it wouldn’t requeue. It looks like it just went through though, so it’s been fixed for us.

Hi, we are not seeing issues with reporting to CPE Monitor or CE Broker.


Just checked our reporting and I am not seeing any issues.

Yes, we just noticed this same issue - Specialty board wiped and reverted to - Select a value - on the ACCME tab.