Separate email "accounts" for sending to faculty and learners


When we add faculty to a course and assign forms, the email that is sent comes from “AAFP Online CME” We don’t want to use the auto-emails for faculty in part because we are afraid that faculty will not see that as something they need to pay attention to - they may just think its another marketing email from AAFP and delete it.

We would like to change it to something like “AAFP Faculty Coordinator” because that will get their attention, but this is the same email address that sends auto-emails to learners.

Having separate email “accounts” in Ethos for learners and faculty would be a helpful addition in the future. That way we can “name” each something that would indicate to learners/faculty that they should not delete the email - it’s not spam from AAFP but info they really need to read. The learner one could be “AAFP Online Courses” and the other could be “AAFP Faculty Coordinator.”