Test account emails

When we make site or course changes, it’s difficult to test registration and reminders if our test account has already taken the course. It would be great if email addresses could be used for multiple accounts (with different usernames and passwords) so that we can test the emails and other workflows. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi there. I’m not sure of an option for this in Ethos, but I do know that adding a "+"sign and then another letter, number or word will direct to the same email address if it’s a Gmail account.

For example, the original Gmail email address of “happycat123@gmail.com” can be used multiple times for records in a database if it is changed to “happycat123+paws@gmail.com”, etc. The plus sign is a neat trick in these testing situations. I am unsure of how many times this can be done, but I imagine at least having a few “clone” emails directing back to the actual Gmail email will come in handy.

Hope this helps!

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This Gmail functionality does work in Ethos.