Site Admin ability to delete user accounts

Looking for the option to delete blocked or outdated profiles that are only taking up space in the user lists. I know the profiles can be blocked to prevent user from access as well as erase most profile information they entered, however i think in most of my cases, removing the user account and id all together would make for easier management of users in our system going forward. However I understand the power of the delete button and why this feature could be left out, but i also think even an alternative such as profiles that have been blocked for a set amount of time could eventually be deleted or someway to achieve the goal of decluttering the manage users.

Agreed! I think when you merge accounts you can choose to delete the extra one, but that’s the only way to delete a profile from our vantage point. I’d also like to get accurate user counts without having to comb through the user CSV.

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I agree.


Paula, were you agreeing to the ability to delete or to user counts without having to use the CSV?


My apologies for any confusion.

I am agreeing to a simpler way to manage inactive/blocked users. Not sure what the best solution would be.



I worry about losing peoples data. I usually just download all user profiles and then filter out the not active ones.

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