Manage Users and User ID filter

We have noticed just from going through reports, activity logs and lists that Ethos refers to learners more by their user ID number quite a bit. I have found that if I see the number and no other identifier is with it, it’s really difficult to investigate who that learner actually is to pull up their Ethos account.

I have to manage users and then sort by ID number. We have thousands of them, so going through the pages is quite time consuming and pulling a CSV isn’t very quick either (it took over 5 minutes to download and open one today).

Is there any way now or in the future to add a user ID search filter on the manage users page? Like the email and name? That way (ideally) we could just type in the ID, hit enter and they’d pop right up.

We have email, name and our internal user ID (member number) on our Manage users search page. If this is a custom thing, it’s worth the money to have it added!

We will consider adding a filter for user ID.

But, as a workaround for now, you can view a user’s profile by just putting the user ID in the address bar in the following format: where ID is the user ID number. That will be much faster than pulling a CSV.

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