SMS Enhancement and Provide Option to Retain SMS Numbers on Merge Accounts

When we merge learner accounts, we lose the ability to retain the learner’s mobile number. This request is to include the phone number as part of the merge at https://site/admin/people/merge

It would be more convenient for the learner and admin, if the learner did not have to go through the process of having to setup a mobile number a second time.

Additionally, I’d like to see an easier method to opt-in. We would prefer that the learner could opt-in via sms, rather than receiving a code and having to go back to the website to enter a code and opt-in.

I’m out of votes so I can’t vote for this, but I agree it would be awesome to be able to include mobile numbers in the merge! It would be easier for us admins and reduce the work and frustration for our users.

This item is being addressed as we speak. Look for it in one of the upcoming release announcements.

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