Future Feature - Learner Account Creation SMS Confirmation Enhancements and Setup Workflows

Current sms account setup state
is that a learner
a.)enters her phone number on account registration and then must enter a confirmation code.
b.)texts an attendance code, receives a prompt to enter an email address and then sets up an account with the email

Learners that do not enter their confirmation codes in step a are not reminded to finish the sms signup status To complete sms configuration, the process needs to be restarted

Learners that do not complete their account setup in step B do not receive reminders

In both scenarios, credit or completion are delayed for learners or can be disqualified from credit as they miss deadlines.

We would like to see additional workflows to remind the learners to complete the signup process. This can be through sms and email. This would greatly aid in conversions and completions.

At this time, we are manually mitigating this by using raw database information to send out reminders to learners. While we are glad to have this capability, it is a laborous task.

Great idea! Add in Reminders for those that we can control (i.e. 7 days of inactivity, send a reminder, but only do it twice).


We would also love some kind of reminder system. We primarily use SMS for RSS.

Our pain point is manually correcting credit earned because of incomplete profiles. Since users can text in forever without completing their profiles and providing the information that identifies them, particularly our SSO users, physician participants get a huge surprise when they actually log into their profile for the first time. They try to get a transcript and see 75 participation credits (since participation is the fallback).

And with no bulk options for correcting credit earned, it’s a painful process of re-awarding credit.

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I think the issue around incomplete profiles is a pain point for all.

What might be helpful are some auto reminders for completing the profile – reminding a user via text and/or email (depending if you have them) to complete profile to get credit and provide a direct link to that. Then reminding them each time they complete a course that they may not have received the credit desired and to complete their profile. Some of that may go a long way in reducing the “need to fix” users transcript.



Thanks for this feedback! We will take it to the team for refinement and consideration.

Jen, an additional note, if the learner does confirm his number after texting attendance, course reminders do not fire for that learner. We are manually having to send the reminders. I haven’t tried repeat reminders.