Spark Conference 2024: Inviting EthosCE Community Members to Share Workshop Ideas!

Hello, it’s Pam, the EthosCE training specialist. I’m thrilled to share that Cadmium is preparing for the upcoming Spark Conference in Washington D.C. July 23-24, 2024. We want to ensure the programming reflects what you, our EthosCE community are interested in. Please share your ideas for workshops or educational sessions in the comments below. I look forward to collecting your input and collaborating with the Spark team to incorporate some of your suggestions.

I would like to see all the add-on modules and how they work (Agenda Builder, Faculty, Reports, etc).

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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There are many people who cannot travel to conferences because of health reasons, their employer won’t pay for travel, or they feel like they can’t get away from work for that long.

For this reason, I’d like to see more of the conference’s programming utilizing hybrid formats.

Jon Powell
UNC Lineberger Cancer Network

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Mayo Clinic has had that standard since Covid, in 85% (or more) of the cases, we have a Live and a Livestream option for learners to choose from. This has not only served the need for those that cannot travel (or do not want to travel) as well as increased participation. We have our own method for doing this, but would like to see other options.

Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic

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I also support the request for virtual participation if possible

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Would welcome a WarpWire deep dive

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What projects and enhancements can we expect from EthosCE in the short term (through the end of 2024)?

What projects and enhancements are in planning or initial build phases for the future (beyond 2024)?

This could be a take on what used to be the roadmap.

A deep dive into what’s available in LOOKER reporting and simple ways to use it.

Please address long-term requests! The community has a long list of threads with a lot of activity, and high vote counts that have gone months, even years, without any input from EthosCE. It would be great if you presented information on many of these Customer Requests/Suggestions.

I’d like to see updates on additional support/features for:


  • Early-Bird Pricing
  • Conditionals for Pricing
  • Streamlined set-up options for add-ons
  • Capping registration at the attribute level

Mobile Capabilities

  • Is the app still coming?
  • Support evaluation capabilities through a purely SMS workflow


  • Bulk Session Editing – (i.e., bulk deletion, changing dates, etc.)
  • Bulk Credit Awarding/Re-Awarding (i.e., a user received participation for 10 different RSS sessions and needs AMA).


  • Role that restricts a user to a particular course: For a meeting planner, departmental administrator, or other collaborator. We give them a role that lets them access certain features for their assigned course. Can see enrollments, course order reports, and maybe even edit some course information like the program tab.

Not at all an exhaustive list, but just some subjects/examples that I’m sure are of interest.


These are all great topics and I would be interested in an/all of these answers.

      All of these topics are really important to us!

All great topics of interest and would appreciate the opportunity to attend virtually!!
Thank you

This is a great list of topics. I would add how to optimize EthosCE for SEO.

Thanks All! These are great ideas and align with some of what is already in the works.

If there are any subject matter experts on these above topics, we would love to invite you to join a panel along with an EthosCE staff expert to present at Spark.

Please let us know here or reach out via email if you are interested!

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We have all had to do these one way or another, but more manually than automatically (i.e. set a date for early bird pricing or bulk editing). What is the plan to address these in the future roadmap?

Mayo Clinic

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