Upcoming EthosCE Webinar | LMS Analytics That Drive Results

LMS Analytics That Drive Results
Date / Time: June 21 at 3 pm ET
Presenter: Scott Kuchinski - Director of Product & Engineering, LMS

With LMS analytics, you can deliver exceptional learning experiences. Want to see how?

There are a number of reports that you can use right now to uncover learning data and gain deeper insight into what’s working well in your LMS and what isn’t. Join us as we dive into overlooked analytics and reporting features of Cadmium’s LMS, EthosCE, that will revolutionize the way you work, increase productivity, and push your e-learning initiatives to the next level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover overlooked analytics & reporting features right at your fingertips.
  • See how other clients are using analytics & reporting in EthosCE.
  • Learn how to work more efficiently and dig deeper into your data.

Link to register: Cadmium University: LMS Analytics That Drive Results

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Is there a fee for this?



These are free to attend! :slight_smile:


Thank you😊!