User Gift Certificates

We’d like for our users to be able to purchase gift certificates for others, and for that credit to appear in that user’s account as a credit. Currently this is not a feature, but this would be very useful for our audience. This would ideally be set up as a product.

Is this a feature that anyone else in the Ethos Community would like to see implemented? Please let us know and vote YES if that is the case.

If anyone is currently using a gift certificate “workaround” via coupons, please let us know how that is working for you and the setup you have going. Thank you!


We use the coupon method. it works like this.

  1. Have a central person purchase “coupon” for the user/learner.
  2. Then, the user/learner would get that coupon and use it to buy only that course

We have done this with persons that want to make bulk purchases for their company. We will create a bulk coupon for them (say 30 admissions to a course). They will then hand them out to the persons that they want to attend.

Or, they call and buy the 30 enrollments, they supply the 30 emails, and we do an import of them into the course (which allows those that don’t have a profile to still be enrolled, and the course will show up once they create that profile.

Susan Benysh

Thank you for your response! This is helpful!
-Susan Graver