User Led Discussion Series - November 18 - Reports and Analytics

Hi all!

The time has come again for our User Led Discussion! I had a great time at the last one, and I can’t wait for this upcoming chat. We’ll be meeting this month on November 18th at 4PM EST.

This month’s topic (based on your submissions) will be reports and analytics! This topic can cover any discussions or questions about course reports, site data, dashboards, self service, and more!

If you’re not already on the calendar invite, you can join the meeting on that Thursday at this link. If you need to be added to the recurring invite, feel free to drop your email below.

You can also submit questions and future discussion topics on this form.

Remember, this is a conversation between you as EthosCE Users! While I’ll be there to ask questions for those who aren’t around/able, this is a chance for you to figure out how your peers are getting the most use out of EthosCE! (And of course, I’ll take notes again and send out a follow up :slight_smile:)

Cheers, and see you soon!

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Please add me to the recurring invite, Valerie. Thank you! erin.o’

Hi Valerie,

Please add me to receive the recurring invite.

Please add me to the recurring invite, I really enjoyed the last one!

Please add me to the recurring invite.

Thank you,




image001.jpg Thanks!

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