Using tokens for Board ID information

We offer ABP MOC credits in a few of our activities and would love to have users verify their information and confirm we have the correct information on file before proceeding to complete their assessments. Has anyone had any luck using tokens to pull Board IDs for this, or can guide me on what token to use to pull/display this information?

I went ahead and created a test page with all the tokens available, but the only ones that return information just show “Boards 1”, and not the board ID number that the user has in their profile.

@gmartin It will depend on the field name as there has been some changes over the years to how the board field was set up.

The current board field token would be [user:profile-profile:field-accme-ids-BOARD:field-accme-board-id] where BOARD would be replaced with ABIM, ABA, etc.

A support ticket could confirm this on your field.

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