Virtual Exhibitor Portal

Greetings - hoping to hear from any of you who have created (or are looking to create) virtual exhibit halls for conferences that have moved online. I want to make sure that we stay compliant with the ACCME (Joint Accreditation) rules. The portal must be separate from the education (Standard 4: Appropriate Management of Associated Commercial Promotion | ACCME) I am thinking the exhibitor “hall” will have to be a separate “course” that people can select from the register page? Other ideas?

Hi - We created one for July. Please look at this page to see how we did it :slight_smile: 2020 Mayo Clinic Oncology Review - LIVESTREAM | Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them here or another place

Mayo Clinic

p.s. we also did it this way so we can track the clicks to their individual pages to give feedback to the vendors. Click each vendor to see their “page”

Good Afternoon Julie

Did you get any other replies from others who have created exhibitor halls?

Thank you