Exhibitor Support

Hi all,

I know a number of you use products to collect exhibitor fees. In this thread there is discussion of exhibitor enrollment counts. I’ve also heard at least one request for an exhibitor tab on the course landing page.

I’m opening this thread up to capture those requests. Please chime in if you are interested or have any need for more exhibitor-related features!

A tab for exhibitor information would be very helpful! We want that information to be easily viewed and accessed and right now we’re trying to figure out how we would present that information with the current tabs available.

Agree that an Exhibit tab would be extremely beneficial to avoid reassigning one of the limited existing tabs that are currently available. An exhibit tab would allow easy access to resources specific to exhibitors/sponsors.

It would be great to have something more automated.
We provide information to the exhibitor (fee, table size, setup time, etc.) and ask them questions in a webform, and then when they submit the form, it auto-redirects them to the product for them to add to cart and pay. Additionally, I have to “connect” the product to our activity/conference by giving the product a sku that includes the node of the activity (which is also in the activity sku) - so it’s easier for us to reconcile all monies received for the conference (enrollments and exhibitors). If this could all be a little more automated, it would be great. We currently have our exhibitor portal somewhat hidden, but many of our coordinators give out the portal URL. We may add it to a dropdown. We update this page manually. (Exhibitor Portal | UW–Madison ICEP) we have chosen to force exhibitors to create an account even before they fill out the form so it’s easier to track, although we have considered (and will continue to consider) other options…

Des Moines University would be in favor of an exhibitor tab. We would use it to request sponsorship and acknowledge commercial support companies who are financially or in-kind supporting an educational activity.

According to an inquiry I sent to the ACCME, providers are unable to place commercial support names or logos on the homepage of an educational activity. If we do, we’re in noncompliance of Criteria 9, Standard 4.3, Criteria 9, Standards 4.2, Criteria 9, Standard 4.4. Placing all exhibitor and/or acknowledgement of sponsorship information on it’s own tab is allowed. Willing to share the ACCME’s email if needed.

An “Exhibitor” tab has been added in EthosCE 7.27. When editing a course you will find this under Course description > Exhibitors.