Virtual Exhibit Booths

We have 3-5 meetings a year that generally have 1-5 exhibitors. These meetings have been very successful in the past year and we are thinking that we will continue running them virtually for the time being. However, currently we’ve been hiring outside vendors to support these meetings because of the booths specifically.

Has anyone developed or integrated any advanced boothing features in their virtual meetings. I’m thinking that each “booth” has their own page and it might require some “features”

  1. Text Chat
  2. Video Chat
  3. Polling

Pretty simple things outside of standard page development. Has anyone been able to get any features like this into booths or have any need. I would like to stop hiring outside vendors and this is the only thing standing between me and freedom :slight_smile:

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Hi Patrick
AHN CME department has done a few of the virtual exhibitor booths.
Please click on the link below to view 1 I am currently working on for a conference next week.

If you wish to discuss further just email me at

This is the kind of simple but elegent solution we are looking for. I would be really interested in knowing if your exhibitors found this successful.


Hi Bernice,

Thank you for sharing your example! On an administrative note, was each exhibitor booth page built by you or your team using what the exhibitors provided?

Thanks again!

Good Morning
Yes. I created the virtual booths based on the materials the exhibitors provided. If you need any further information just let me know. It was a learning experience but after doing a few of them I felt more comfortable creating them.


The exhibit booths look great! I love how you set up the zoom rooms for each company.

I’m curious to see how other have tackled this problem!

We have had virtual exhibitors as well. Here is an example : Nephrology and Transplantation for the Clinician 2021: 19th Annual Update from Mayo Clinic - LIVESTREAM | Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development
A lot of them will set up their own Zoom hours.

We have gotten our Google Analytics 360 to help us track when learners go from this course page to the Exhibitor “booths”. We report back to each exhibitor. It has been pretty good with numbers, better than we expected.

Mayo Clinic

Hi! How difficult (or easy) was it to set up the tracking with Google Analytics 360?

The links below was our first go at it. We have a webform to collect their info/content, and upon submission that leads right to a product for payment. We had the hall open at the start of registration, with updates as new exhibitors got all of their content to us. That’s probably the most challenging part. They say they want a video, but then don’t upload it to the webform, so there is a bit of back and forth to get all of the pieces. We have a spreadsheet that we use to keep track of exhibitors, what items we still need from them, URLs of the booth and the drop in session, etc. Note we intentionally do not use logos on the “Exhibition Hall” page.
Exhibition Hall: Seminars in Pediatrics 2020 (Virtual Conference, Central Time) | UW–Madison ICEP
Example Application: Virtual Exhibitor Application: Seminars in Pediatrics 2020 | UW–Madison ICEP

We have a group at Mayo Clinic oversee our GA360. In general, not too bad :slight_smile: