Zoom E-mails - How to Stop Them

Hi All!

We’re using the Zoom Course Object with integration for the first time. Every update we make to the course, whether to the course itself or to the course outline, is triggering an automatic e-mail to go to the registered participants. This is a concern as we frequently make course updates right up until the course and don’t want our attendees getting hundreds of e-mails. We don’t want to turn off confirmation and reminder e-mails, but would like to turn off Meeting Update emails. Any ideas on how to do this?


Yes!! We have struggled with the same issue.

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Hi Everyone,

EthosCE does not pre-register enrolled learners into a Zoom Meeting/Webinar. The learner is only registered as a participant when clicking the embedded meeting link within the Zoom course object. If the host has started the meeting/webinar, the learner will be registered as a participant in real time.

If you have Zoom Meeting/Webinar attendees outside of EthosCE who have pre-registered for a virtual event, email updates would be sent to these participants whenever meeting updates are triggered. However, learners enrolled through EthosCE will not receive any Zoom Meeting/Webinar update notifications.

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I found the setting in zoom that turns off the meeting confirmation email. I think that takes care of it.