2-day course with fees and credit

Hi, I have a 2-day course coming up and would like some ideas about how best to create the event. There is a fee, an evaluation, and credit or the program. People are expected to attend both days, but how would I manage the course so that if someone decided not to attend the 2nd day, they would not have access to those credits?
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

We do a bunch of these 2 day course with fees, evaluations and credit. Feel free to check out a few of ours we currently have open for registration:

https://cme.jefferson.edu/content/lungcancer2019 (this is a 2 day course with a lot of different fee options)
8th Annual Jefferson Neurocritical Care Symposium | SKMC Office of CME (this is a 2 day course with pre/ post test options)
46th Annual Course in Electrodiagnostic Medicine | SKMC Office of CME (this is a 3 day course and we built it so you select the days you are attending)

The outline typically looks like:

  • Payment/ Registration
  • Attendance
  • Evaluation for Day 1
  • Evaluation for day 2
  • Overall Evaluation
  • Credit Breakdown
  • Credit
  • Certificate

We add conditionals into our evaluations on each day so if a person did not attend that day, they can skip the evaluation for that part. If we have a pre/ post test or quiz, that is also built into our outline.

As for credits, we make the credits variable and we use a credit breakdown in order for attendees to see what they should be claiming. Since you can only mark a person attended for the conference, not the day, we have not found a way to limit the credits they can claim. People have been pretty good about only claiming what they should if there is a breakdown available for them.

Here is a few examples of the breakdowns we use:

If you would like to bounce off ideas or talk further, feel free to contact me.

Ariel Levine
CME Planner
Office of Continuing Medical Education, Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Office of Continuing Professional Development, Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)

Center City Campus
1020 Locust Street, JAH, Suite M-5, Philadelphia, PA 19107
T 215-955-2477
F 215-923-3212

Curious about a couple things. Hope you don’t mind if I reach out!

Though to add to this post, I don’t believe there is a way through Ethos to ensure that users are honest about the credit they’re claiming. It’s honor system for the most part. But similar to Ariel we also provide a credit breakdown and credits are variable so the user can determine the correct amount for themselves. We find people tend to be honest as well.

Hi, Thank you for responding. Ariel helped me quite a bit. If you have anything to add, I would love to hear it.

The only way we have figured to mark people attended per the day would be through Parent/ Child which we currently do not use. This type of set up would allow people to register for the day for a multi-day conference.

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