Setting up a complex program

I have a complex (to me) program to set up and was wondering if anyone out there can guide me.
There are actually 2 separate programs that are co-mingled across 3 days.
Day 1: All day annual meeting with some optional and some concurrent workshops: (8am-11am)Optional workshops - (12:15 - 3:15) Annual meeting with concurrent workshops - (3:30-5:30) Optional workshops
Day 2 MORNING: Annual meeting with concurrent workshops
Day 2 AFTERNOON: conference
Day 3: Annual meeting and conference (combined)

My original thought was to just create 2 courses (sessions within our RSS module so they can text attendance codes), one for the Annual meeting (Thursday, Fri morning and all day Saturday) and one for the conference (Fri afternoon and all day Saturday). My issue is the Saturday overlap. Some people will only attended the annual meeting, others will only attend the conference; BUT some will attend both which means that they will get credit for Saturday twice.
Thoughts, anyone?

When you say two programs do you mean that each is accredited as it’s own activity and therefore each program needs it’s own separate certificate or is combining it all an option as long as you were able to determine how to do it? And do you need to also sent this up for enrollments as well so you know which workshops etc. everyone will be attending, or is it only for how they’ll claim credit? Also, do you need to know specifically which workshops etc. they’re claiming credit for?

So despite not knowing enough about the activity, any organizational rules you have to follow, and the credit types you’re offering that might impact how credit is allowed to be awarded - my first thought is that you could look at it like any normal all day conference where people are going to go to some sessions and not to others. No matter the maximum, they’re only supposed to claim the hours they were there for, so for something like this where it’s 3 days, 2 programs and a partridge in a pear tree, you could just have the maximum hours that a single person could possibly get and let each person attest to their time no matter what they ended up attending.

My second thought is you can do the same thing even if you separate out the two programs. If they are individually accredited, than theoretically each workshop or session is going to belong to one or the other, and for each activity you can list the maximum a person could get at each and let people claim their time accordingly. As long as you list which sessions belong to which, maybe throw in a calculator, it would help minimize any confusion, but it does require the mentality that you trust the attendees to not try and game the system.

If you have the parent/child module for courses, you might be able to work something out there that could keep the credit rolled into one or more activities, however I also like your idea about the RSS session’s. We wouldn’t do it where I’m at because of how it would translate to the transcripts, but I like the thought of setting up a course with individual sessions like an RSS, where the credit roles up into the parent like the parents/child module, but without the nightmare aspect of having to create a whole new course with each child and the resulting reporting confusion.

Anyway, not sure if that was any help, but I think knowing a little bit more about your ultimate needs/goal might give people a better idea of what you could do/how you might design it.

We had a complex course like that
Day 1-2 Pain course
Day 3 Pain course + Palliative course
Day 4-5 Palliative course

These were accredited and we wanted them to only claim credit for Day 3 once. We ended up with three options as child courses. Please visit the website to see this setup. Let me know if you have any questions.
Pain and Palliative Medicine 2020 - Options
Pain and Palliative Medicine 2020 - Full Course - March 2 - 6
Palliative Medicine in Clinical Practice 2020 - March 2 - 4
Pain Medicine for the Non-Pain Specialist 2020 - March 4 - 6

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

LOL. I knew you would have had a course like that! The only thing I forgot to mention is that we are not dealing with any tuition, which makes it easier I should think. I’ll
be checking the link.


I didn’t mention we are not dealing with tuition, nor are they pre-registering. They will be texting a code for attendance. I’ll be checking the link.


Hmmmm, I would think you may want to have them text a code for each day perhaps? That may make it easier :slight_smile:
Have a great day!!

Thank you. Any and all information is always helpful. I may be overthinking this (as is my way). We are only providing credit for these events so we won’t be collecting tuition
or tracking enrollment prior to the course.

In reading though your various options and discussing this with the accreditation person in my office, I would like to set it up as one event and let them claim the hours they
attended. We’ll see what comes up as I’m building it.


Thanks, Susan. Maybe I can pick your brain when I see you at the User Group Meeting. The attribute talk comes at a good time for me.

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