ACCME Tab Internal ID Question

Hi Ethos Community,

As a new customer to Ethos, we were curious to know the naming convention you all use for the Internal ID for the ACCME tab?

I have heard of folks using the date of the course (i.e. 08162022) or even the first few letters per course and the year (i.e. PCS2022).

All feedback on this topic would be helpful,

Thank you!

We use an abbreviation for the name of the activity and the year. For example, the CME Committee for academic year 2022-23 would be CMEC22-23. I assume you’re talking about a course, since that field is in a different place for RSS activities. For those it is in the ‘course settings’ tab only at the session level (not the series).
Something valuable to know is that the “Internal ID” field maps to the “External ID” field in Ethos Analytics. For example, I can easily pull a report using the All Courses Dashboard of all sessions of an activity using ‘starts with’ in that field because the stem of the ID stays the same year to year.

So, we have a system at Mayo that names them various things. . .

(2022)(Jacksonville branch)(random number that is used for tracking in so many places)

Then, when have a child course, we will put a dash at the end
22J005612-GS = live general session
22J005612-LS = Livestream course
22J005612-WS1 = First add-on workshop

Make sense?
Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic