Issues with assigning IDs to courses and series

Is anyone else receiving errors when entering IDs etc in ETHOS and still receiving message below?
Cannot save 2022-2022 PARS data for AHN 2022 Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Sleep Medicine Symposium . Error code 469: MEMS Element: 1; identifier: entry: , Element name: ActivityDescription/lom:lom/lom:general/lom:identifier/lom:catalog/lom:entry - ACCME ActivityID is invalid/does not exist

Can anyone provide information on how they are handling this issue with ETHOS and the ACCME since the software upgrade/change in the ACCME site. In the past we were able to us the activity ID assigned from ACCME and that no longer works. I created my own internal ID and still received the message.
Thank you

We had a 458 that was similar - internal ID invalid instead of ACCME ActivityID (we only use internal ID). I’m pretty sure ours had to do with duplicate entries in JA-PARS and once those were removed we were ok. Not sure what caused the duplicate, and we do not appear to be getting duplicates anymore.

Hi Julie
We dont have duplicates in PARS since we have to add our 2022 series. Can you tell me how you have entered them in PARS and ETHOS since the upgrade has caused this error? We manually entered our year end information.

Thank you

We did not manually enter our year end information. Confirm that there are not duplicate entries in PARS - there was a known issues that Ethos was sending duplicates. Have you ever directly reported using the Ethos web service? Or did you just start? If so, check PARS…

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