Adding a Course Date to Manage Content List

We need the addition of a course start date column/field when searching in Manage Content for a course. We often have repeat courses with identical titles but different dates. It’s cumbersome to find the right course only titles are listed.


In addition to course live date, being able to see course format (on-demand, webinar, seminar, etc.) would be helpful. Maybe even the option to toggle certain fields on/off so we can customize our view on the Manage Content screen?

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Showing the course format would be extremely helpful. Thanks for making the suggestion!

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The “Course fields” report allows for searching courses by date, type, name and external id. It’s available in the “Go to” menu item or under Manage > Reports > Course fields. The path is /admin/reports/course/data.

It does not have format, but that suggestion is welcome as are others to improve the usefullness of the report.

We’re able to get to the results we need by following these steps: Manage > Reports > Course reports > Course fields

Unfortunately, there’s not a way to sort the list, and using the Start Date field doesn’t work.

@beckyhilton Can you describe the problem you are trying to solve?

E.g.,“I need a list of courses, between the dates of X and Y sorted by Z etc.”

Or " I need to find a course using field X and Y only."

This information is useful as it will help us put your requests in context for the product team.

Thank you.