Manage Content - Course Date Filter

We’ve been dealing with how to best optimize searching for courses in the Manage Content menu.

We, for the most part, go there to search for courses. But when looking for courses to re-open for users or to make updates, there are alot of courses that share a name. So we find ourselves having to open all the instances of the course until we find the one we’re looking for.

Right now, we’re working around it by adding dates to course titles. But that doesn’t look right, and we wish we didn’t have to do that as that will end up on the certificate as well.

We’d like to see an event date filter in the Manage Content area. Since you’re able to select the type of content you search for, maybe an event date filter could appear when that content type “course” is selected?

Wondering if anyone else might benefit from this as well.

Would the “Course fields” report work for this? It has a live event date filter and only returns courses.

It’s available at Admin > Reports > Course reports > Course fields or by using the keyboard shortcut alt-k and searching for “course fields.”

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We’ve had to resort to this kind of naming for reports and course blocks:

Conference 2018 | Wound Care
Conference 2019 | Wound Care
Online Education | Wound Care 2018
Online Education | Wound Care 2019

Sometimes we use the SKU for alpha ordered course blocks_:_
Specialty Program | Wound Fundamentals (18180) | Spring
Specialty Program | Wound Fundamentals (18181) | Fall

This works well for us, as well as identifies what type of offering it is for those who are using Search. We can also GROUP on the first part of the title in Access reports to cluster offerings together for financials.

Children of an activity set above carry the entire course “prefix” as we call it.

We would benefit from that. Great suggestion!

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Hi Ezra -

Thanks for the suggestion. The problem I have with this report though, is that while I can search for courses, the date filters don’t work? Or I’m unsure of how they work. I search for a very specific time period and get back results with courses that have a range of expiration, event start, and event end dates that don’t fit within the parameters I’ve set.

In addition, It’s obviously not searching by event start/end dates and the open/expiration dates are unreliable. For example, we open courses for users who failed to claim credit before the starting expiration date. Therefore, that date changes all the time.

We want to be able to search by event date as those dates will not change once a course is built.


My mistake, you are correct, this report only has the course start date as a date filter, not the event date as a date filter. If you need to filter by event date, then it will likely not address your need.

But if you wanted to search by name and then see the event date, this report would work with that workflow.

I’ll add the request to put the event date filter on the course fields reports to our product backlog for consideration.

The “All courses” report in EthosCE Analytics does have an event date filter and customers in our cloud environment can use that to filter courses by event date. I realize you are hosted on-premise, but did want to share this for the others following along who do have access.