Anyone willing to share SOPs or templates used when creating courses or quizzes within EthosCE

Having several site admins at one association can be challenging since you may have people working on building content at the same time. What do you all use to ensure that everyone is using the same standard operating procedures or guidelines when entering content whether it is related to courses, groups, etc.

Would anyone be willing to share some documentation they use that might be helpful?


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We are interested in this topic as well! We have had several Site Admins (2-3) in the platform for awhile but that is expanding and keeping our procedures and learner experience consistent has always been a challenge. So far we have relied on cloning courses from similar courses we’ve made before so that most settings, naming conventions, etc. carry over. This has helped us to save time, reduce errors, and try to create consistent educational standards.

The rest is all about communication but we could do better at this. We are challenges to keep up and stay on the same page as new features become available, learner feedback gives us reasons to change what we typically do, and as we experiment with different formats and designs. I am very interested to hear how others have handled this with success!

We have created a series of templates (live, RSS, enduring, evaluations…) and try to use the templates to clone everytime. With each template, we have a write up that instructs our site admins on what exactly to change. These instructions are very specific so that all of our pages look consistent no matter who creates them. This is also a good practice so when you make a change to your look or how you do things, you just update the templates and moving forward, everyone can use that change. Just remember that not everything clones over. We also have a series of word docs with our standard reminders and confirmation emails that we use to copy and paste into our clones to stay consistent as well.

Here is a small sample of what we include in our write ups:

Title & Description Tab

  1. Course Title

No need to include subtitle (e.g. What’s New Under the Moon ).
Subtitle can be included in the description and on certificates.

  1. Course Description - KEEP IT SHORT!

Browser advisory box – do not change placement, wording or color, should be first thing people see.

Description text - keep the text concise, using active voice and bullets/numbered lists, one thought per paragraph (4 sentences max).

Target audience is the last sentence written in italics.

  1. Course Image

Insert postcard/brochure cover image into body of course description and hyperlink to PDF of the conference postcard or brochure (set target to open in new window)

Set the image properties to help keep the image placement consistent when viewed in different browsers and screen sizes.

 Resize by entering “300”  into width & clicking the lock icon to reset correct proportions  

 Alignment – set as right

 H Space – set the horizontal spacing on each side of image as needed

 V Space – set the vertical spacing on top and bottom as needed

For our activities we use various templates and clone so the settings are captured correctly depending on the activity type. Our SOP’s often include screen shots to make sure the correct settings are captured. Especially for the quiz settings.


It takes some playing around with the settings to get the effects you want. We have these set to meet the MOC standards for the American Board of Radiology which requires user feedback and peer comparisons.

To make sure everything is executed properly, in addition to the admin builder testing it fully as a user, we run it by two other staff who all impersonate the different learner profiles accessing the activity.

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