AOTA Approved Provider certificate requirements

Organizations approved by the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) to grant AOTA credit, are required to provide a certification to the learner that reports BOTH:

  • Contact hours and
  • AOTA CEUs. AOTA CEUs are calculated by dividing contact hours by 10. For example, 10 contact hours and 1.0 AOTA CEU.

Currently our system report hours or CEUs. Does anyone have a solution that reports both of these elements, and ideally a solution that uses the contact hours to calculate the AOTA CEUs?
Thank you,

We do it by hand–one of the many details that are not handled by the Ethos system.

We do support this type of calculation using the certificate token called [course-credit-awarded-single:ceu]. When creating a certificate if you click “Browse available tokens” under “Replacement Tokens”, you’ll see a note for CEU Token [course-credit-awarded-single:ceu]. This token is equal to One tenth of total credit.

I create a new certificate for each course since the CEUs may vary and add the contact hours on the same line. I put the approval statement in the code area so everything prints on the certificate. See attached CERTIFICATE SAMPLE.pdf

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