AOTA CEUs - using calculations in Certificats - Is it possible?

Hi - we are trying to come up with a unique certificate for a course. AOTA requires that they show contact hours and they want the certificate to show AOTA credits (credits/10). This is confusing for our customers. We could have them do Attendance hours and then AOTA, but sometimes, that may be different (or they may not claim attendance hours). Thoughts? Solutions?

Thanks, Susan Benysh -

I have just added the maximum credits approved to their certificate and have the AOTA credit activated for the Occupational Therapists. it was requested and mapped to all credentials with OT

I have done that too - but seeing if there is something we can do with a math equation on the certificates would be interesting. . …

I create a new certificate for each course since the CEUs may vary and add the contact hours on the same line. I put the approval statement in the code area so everything prints on the certificate. See attached.



A certificate like the example provided would meets the AOTA requirements. Suppose the course is offered for 3 hours and the participant only claims 1.5 hours. Will their solution work in that situation?

Thank you (p.s. your certificate is beautiful !)

I would then make the AOTA CEUs variable for the learner to enter the amount earned and have the contact hours state maximum available contact hours #. The contact hrs # listed would be the max whatever the CEus # earned.

Yes it’s complicated to manage. Ugh


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