Is it possible to list all approved credit types to a certificate?

For example:
If a program is approved for AMA credit but the learner is receiving attendance credit, is there a token that can be inserted in the certificate to indicate that the course is approved for AMA credit? I know this can be done using the code in the credit settings, however, it would be easier if it was embedded in the certificate.


We put the following on our Attendance Certificates when the course is approved for AMA :slight_smile:

Accreditation Logo and statement
The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science certifies that [user:profile-profile:field-first-name] [user:profile-profile:field-last-name], [user:profile-profile:field-custom-credentials] has participated in the live activity [node:title] on [node:field-course-event-date:value2:ethosce_short_no_time_full_month]. This activity was designated for [course-credit-awarded:ama:max] AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s) TM.

Let me know if you have further questions
Susan Benysh

@benysh.susan, it’s my understanding that the [course-credit-awarded:ama:max] will only provide a value for people who were actually awarded or claimed that credit. So people who are only eligible for “Attendance” would not see a number populate on their certificate.

But to Susan’s point, we have two “CEU” certificates - one that we provide when a course offers AMA, and one that we provide when a course does not offer AMA - and use the same wording as Susan when AMA is offered, just a different token.

When a course has AMA, we provide this wording: This activity was designated for [course-credit-awarded:university_of_wisconsin:max] AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) TM. - note the token is for our CEU (same concept as your attendance) because the amount of max credit offered for AMA and CEU is always the same.


We do show attendance on our certificates for those who aren’t eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM

@JAM We put that statement on there when the course has AMA. We have another certificate for attendance that does not include that when there is no other credits for the course. We usually do this for our (few) international courses or courses intended for international attendees.

Yes, we do the same (two CEU/attendance credit letters, one when AMA is offered, and one when it is not), but my understanding is that “AMA” tokens will only work for people who were awarded AMA, so putting [course-credit-awarded:ama:max] on the “AMA offered” attendance certificate for non-MD/DOs will cause it to return a blank value instead of a number because they were not awarded AMA.

So for the statement, instead of using [course-credit-awarded:ama:max], we use our CEU/Attendance token ([course-credit-awarded:university_of_wisconsin:max]) to generate the max credits number, since CEU and AMA max are always the same number. And because people receiving the Non-MD, CEU certificate were awarded CEUs this number will populate on the credit letter. “This activity was designated for [course-credit-awarded:university_of_wisconsin:max] AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) TM.”

Thank you for your response. We have been doing something similar but was hoping for an easier solution.

For a course that is approved for AMA credit when a non-physician is awarded attendance credit, we are hoping there is a token that can automatically populate that the course is approved for AMA. We were hoping to accomplish this with one certificate template.

We use the child credits under the attendance credit to list a course that has AMA credits that a non-physician learner can use. We worked with our project manager at Cadmium to set this up. We then have a child credit certificate template for this to attach the certificate to.

We have “The University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville designates this live activity for a maximum of [node:course-credit:ama:max] AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.” at the bottom on our certificates, even the certificate mapped for attendance credit.

Under the participant’s name (for the attendance certificate) is the title/date of the activity that we use tokens for and “and is awarded [course-credit-awarded-single:credits] hour(s) of Attendance Credit.”

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