GoToTraining Integration

LogMeIn recently released a new product - GoToTraining (GoToTraining - Interactive Online Training Software | GoToTraining) - that adds additional features beyond GoToWebinar, including virtual breakout rooms to facilitate group activities. This is especially needed now as we are converting in-person trainings to a virtual setting.

It would be great if EthosCE could develop a GoToTraining API that works similar to the existing GoToWebinar API.

Agreed! We have moved our in-person courses (typically held in hotel conference rooms) to GoToTraining in order to maintain the live/interactive component. We can do small groups/breakout sessions to discuss cases, pair up physicians and pharmacists for a collaborative approach to patient care, and so on. Integration would be great!

What is different about using the API (for GoTo) vs. using the built-in features (for Zoom)? I’m not asking about the differences in GoTo vs. Zoom, rather I’m asking about using the API vs. the integrated feature. Is there a cost for the API? Do we still create an object in the course outline with the API? Is attendance integrated?



Has there been an update on this? We are also interested in potentially utilizing GoToTraining.

Hi Laurie,

Both GoTo and Zoom are core features of EthosCE and available to all customers. While there is no cost for utilizing the API in EthosCE, both GoTo and Zoom require paid accounts for utilizing their API access.

Both GoTo and Zoom are utilized as course objects within the course outline. Learner attendance is logged and recorded in EthosCE upon completion of the course object.

Please check out our virtual meeting resource guide for more information.

Hi Everyone,

At this time we do not support the GoToTraining product with our GoTo integration. However, we are always looking for new ways to extend our integration offerings.

Please remember to add a vote for this feature request at the top of the thread!