Attendees information for exhibitors

What is everyone doing when exhibitors ask for attendee list? Are you creating forms for attendees to grant permission for their information to be given out to the exhibitors?

We typically ask at the time of registration, through a reg question: “Would you be willing to have your name shared with exhibitors? only name, degree, organization will be shared…” Something like that. Then they can opt out

We have a standard attribute that we add to all courses. This is an Opt-In. We do this, regardless if the course has exhibitors, because we sometimes get the request for person lists from other attendees.

Attribute language that we use: Select if you would like your name removed from the course registrant list shared with registrants, grantors and exhibitors. (Information is limited to name, city and state. No contact information is given.)
Default : It is OK to share my information.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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