Automatic Server Task to Run Every 4-6 Hours to check Uploaded Rosters and Match to Recently Created Users

Many times when we have courses that have people attend that are not part of Duke. We upload the roster spreadsheet and many times they are not matched for that activity because they create their accounts after the event. When the spreadsheet is imported it attempts to match those with existing accounts. Is it possible to have an automated server task to run every 4-6 hours to recheck these roster uploads and see if anyone has created accounts and try to match the activity. Currently we spend a lot of time importing then one by one connecting the activity when users create their account and contact us.

The imported records are checked every time a user logs in. Are you seeing them not being matched on account creation?

Hi Ezra,

Yes that is what seems to be happening – even in situations where the email address is an exact match.



Just jumping in here really fast because this is also something I see occasionally Ezra. Sometimes the person has an account, we upload the credit, and when they sign in it doesn’t move to their transcript. I know I should submit a ticket, but I can’t because of the circumstances around me finding it to begin with.

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