Course/Activity Application Add-on


This is a question for those who have the activity application add-on. Did you initially set it up with EthosCE’s help? Did anyone set up their own? Does anyone edit their own? Will I break the site if I try? If it is possible, do you have any advice? Thank you and have a great weekend!

Hi Courtney,

If you haven’t yet deployed the activity application – it is the perfect time to make changes to the application itself.

I would recommend talking to Cadmium about what you want to change and get advice if it is possible to do it yourself.

We have used the application activity for years and the workflow is pretty solid.


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We started our EthosCE implementation last Fall and recently decided not to use the Activity Application in Ethos. We need it to match the format of the ACCME’s/JA Abstract and the Activity Application, as currently structured, could not handle the updates we needed. We decided instead to use a form we created in Ethos and will create workflow within a course to facilitate approvals, etc.

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Laura - were you able to set this up to have the CME reviewer role doing it this way or did you scrap that altogether? I’m interested in your process. Thank you!

Hi Courtney,

We are in the process of creating our “Joint Providership On-Boarding” (we will use this for direct providership as well, but don’t need that right away) course in a private Learning Group. We will then build in workflow management using manual steps in between the on-boarding steps. Feel free to email me directly if you would like to discuss directly.



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