SCORM and Uploading of Content

Hi Everyone,

We are a new user to Ethos and we are working our way through loading our first round of CE courses. We have had some difficulty working with SCORM and loading our course content.
We are wondering what the current SCORM users have identified as a good converter to HTML5 and what have you done if you are a MAC user in order to make this work? (since the converters are PC oriented)

Thank you!


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I’m pretty sure our SCORM files (created in Articulate) do not required any special converter to HTML5. Maybe it’s the authoring software? We have had no problems imbedding SCORM files into EthosCE courses.

Thank you for your response…articulate authoring tool from what I understand is a PC product and not Mac friendly…the file that is created in articulate I believe is an html5 when you use it to convert a PowerPoint file …
Do you find articulate easy to use?

I don’t use it—we have an e-learning program manager who is responsible for content created in Articulate. She loves it—her problem is that she needs a new computer so she has frustrations that are unrelated to the program itself. There’s a very large user community that she’s connected with. I know there are at least two chats on Twitter, too. Integration with EthosCE has been pretty smooth, and DLC are working on better reporting from the SCORM files so we can pull specific data vs. getting a dump of everything.

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