Integration with Video Hosting


I remember reading a little while back about a potential video host that Ethos might integrate with at some point that would allow for easier streaming, tracking and reporting. Just wanted to check in and see if that is still something that is in the works. I know it would provide some great help to us as many of our courses are using SCORM right now, but only because we want to track and report on the video usage and keep learners from advancing to the next course object immediately - the courses do not need to be SCORM compliant, it was just the only way I could think of to allow for tracking. Something that provides an easier streaming process would be awesome!

Thought id temperature check that idea and see where it is at :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Meghan,

This will be included in our next release! It has integrated user tracking and is very easy to use. We are super excited and will be providing more information soon! :unicorn::rainbow:

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Awesome! Thank you! :unicorn::star2:

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