Child Courses Linked in Multiple Parent Courses

Its it possible to have the same Child course linked to multiple Parent courses?

We are trying to build a virtual conference in EthosCE and want to be able to sell different bundles of course content. Our thought was to set up Parent courses as the bundle that customers would purchase to access the sessions (set up as individual child courses). There would be some overlapping sessions (Child courses) across the different bundles (Parent courses) offered. I was able to link Child Course 1 to Parent Course 1 and Parent Course 2, but when I registered for Parent Course 2, I received a notice stating that registration for Child Course 1 was only available through Parent Course 1.

If it’s not possible to have a Child course linked in multiple places, is there another way to bundle and sell different groups of content where there is some overlap?

We do that with certain webforms (the same evaluation goes in multiple sessions). Note that where you put the first child course is where the breadcrumbs will show.

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