Parent Child Outline Option

We are heaving users of Parent / Child relationships and have found that their may be some room for improvement.

We would like to request that when doing a parent / child program that you would have the option of selecting if this child is a “program” or an “outline”

We have many programs that are parent/child relationships and they are very cumbersome for the end user to do the activity and claim credit. This has led to people sending us very dissatisfying emails about their experience in the EthosCE system.

Here is our Example of the issue.
User clicks on Parent program. In our case this is our “Update Series” assuming they are logged in and own it they get the “take course” page.

They click on “Update Series (2019) Lesson 1: Diagnosis and Management of Pheochromocytoma”

They are then returned to another “Take Course” page

They click on that “take Course” and they are brought to the outline.

Now they are in the outline.

This may only seem like 2 extra clicks but this is a 40 lesson program and when you counter that even from the outline they are still two clicks from the content “click on “content” click on “Review”, our users are getting lost and angry inside of hundreds of clicks trying to get through our parent child relationships.

So my thought would be that in “Course Settings” we could select that this “course” is an “outline” I’m thinking this could be added right here and allow people to be sent straight to the outline as opposed to being sent to another course description.


Greetings! I think you want each of the child courses to actually just be lessons of a larger course. If that’s the case, you set up the parent as a Course. You then add child courses as objects to the parent. You can also set up the children so that when the learner clicks on the child from the parent progress bar, they are taken right to the course content, and NOT the course landing page (overview/register/credit etc.). When a learner completes a lesson (child) they are given a link to move to the next child in the course, or go back to the parent.
Let me know if this is what you are thinking. Here is an example from our site:

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Yes, this would be ideal!


How would you set-up the children so that the user goes directly to the course content? Is this set under the settings for the child course in the parent outline or in another area? In our case, the most common first steps for the learner after selecting a child course and clicking “take course” is either a course page (we label these as content) or a quiz (labeled as pre-test) so it would be ideal to go directly into that first course object or at the very least the page that corresponds to the course instructions display during set-up.

  1. Add courses as objects to the Parent (Parent outline display is simply “Course”)
    Here is an example of an outline:

  2. At the outline, go to settings for a child course > Content/Course entry point and change to “Take Course” instead of “View Course” - this allows someone to go right to the child home course progress bar - they skip having to see the overview etc. and having to click “begin”

Nice thing about this too is you can have objects such as a final assessment or evaluation still at the parent level.


Thanks for the idea. we tried it in practice, adjusting one of our courses from 2018 into this mold and when we hit “Take Course” get this new page

However … one thing of note and maybe a question would be that on the new Course Progress page there is no way to get back to that list.

Also, Here is what it takes me to when I complete. Both of these links take me directly to a “take course” page again on the course information and not into the next outline which would make the most sense.