Parent / Child Course Enrollment Email Notifications


We are new to the EthosCE world - question for experienced users.

We have parent courses that have child courses housed under them but these child courses are also sold individually as their own parent course.

Case example: We have a subscription activity where each month we add a new child activity for users to access who are enrolled in the subscription. However, users may also purchase these child activities without being enrolled in the subscription. Right now our system is triggering enrollment emails for the parent course even if a user has only purchased one of the child courses outside of the subscription. It is causing confusion and is not a great experience for our users.

Any insight or solutions from this community?

Stephanie Adams

If I read this right. . .

Where are your enrollment emails coming from for the Parent? Are they under the Enrollment - Settings tab? If so, you could turn those off. If you have a Reminder in the Parent, I would remove that one as well.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Yes, exactly. Our enrollment emails come from the parent under Enrollment - Settings tab. If we turn off the enrollment emails for our parent courses, users who purchase our subscription or other parent/child courses would not receive an enrollment email.

What I can’t understand is why someone would receive an enrollment email for a course they did not enroll in just because that course is tied to a parent course (as a child) as well as being it’s own course (at a parent level) for purchase. Does that make sense?


We have enrollments only turned on for Children (purchasable and credit courses). The parents are just shells. Note, depending on your settings, you may have enrollments rolled up to the parent.

I am happy to talk to you in a meeting this afternoon (Tuesday) (free from 2-4pm CST) if you would like to connect. Just send me a meeting invite with Zoom or Teams meeting. I don’t want to give too much advice without being fully able to explain how we do it.

Susan Benysh

Thank you so much for the feedback. I think we found a solution but I also want to look into if we have enrollments rolled up to the parent. That could be causing us some issues.

Thanks again!

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