Recommendations for Parent/Child for managing and selecting courses

Hi community,

We have a use case where we are asking the learner to select from two child courses with minimal clicks. We want to have one parent course that shares the title for both children. You could think of these as sections. We want the learner to be able to enroll in (one or both sections)

Class A - at city A or virtual A on date-1
Class B - at city B or virtual B on date-2

The course has no cost and we want to have enrollment questions at the parent level. On different platforms, there have been options to create a registration click could take you to a or b or a curriculum (a and b) or to choose one or more sections. This use case seems to be a good fit for parent/child. The challenge is the number of clicks to choose more than one section. We’re seeking suggestions for a good way to do this in Ethos without the learner having to do multiple clicks. At present, we are setup to enroll the learner in both classes at the parent level. To distinguish which course(s) the learner wants to designate, we would use an enrollment question to pick sessions. The learner should be able to pick more than one.

Class A (check box)
Class B (check box)

We will have another question to determine if they are onsite or virtual for Class A or Class B

The cleanup for enrollments would be on the back-end and the completion would be determined by an attendance activity.
-we would not use any pre-class notifications in the children
-any class specific emails would be filtered from the enrollment questions and we would use external email to send pre-class notifications

Would you suggest an alternate to meet our end goal? Has anyone done something similar or approached a similar scenario in a different way?

Thanks for your insights!

Hi Dave,

Users should be able to select either or, or both child courses during registration from the parent course provided the parent course has the following settings:

From the parent course’s Course Settings tab in Edit mode:

  • Outline Display: relationships
  • Enrollment Settings: User may enroll in parent or child
  • Child enrollment options: User selects child activities after enrolling in parent

During enrollment, the user can then check the box next to the parent course to enroll in both child courses, or check the box next to the child course they wish to enroll into.

The only downside to this (from what I’ve read here in the past) is that this affects reporting to PARS if it is enabled on your site. For the course to accurately report you would need to set it so the user is ONLY able to enroll in the parent and THEN choose the child courses they wish to enroll into.

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Thanks Gabriela, we took your suggestions. We set the enrolments to child and auto-enrolled in the parent. We needed to make sure that the learner answered enrollments at the parent level. To keep individuals from enrolling or being directed to the child course pages, we have setup temporary redirects for the child nodes back to the parent course. We’ll be disabling those just before the live classes start. This will allow the enrolled students to get at the course activiites and outline.

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Today, we discovered enrollment question bundles are not getting recorded on our parent courses. We’ve replicated this on second course. We have opened a ticket with hope of a resolution. We were confident that we had devised a solution and are now puzzled.

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