Clones of Parent/Child Relationships

Hello all,
My team is looking to clone a current Parent/Child course relationship in the form of:
Parent Course
-Child Course
-Child Course

However, when we clone it, the objects in the child courses are not also cloned. We selected “clone” on the parent and then in the parent outline, double checked that the content settings for the child course objects were set to the appropriate existing content (it automatically set it).

Any way to make sure the objects in the child courses also clone?

You could clone the child (session) with-in the parent build.

Because a parent is pretty much just being used to organize children (regardless of whether the children are taken as “modules” within the parent, or course relationships is used to make the children show up on the registration tab), we do the following:

  1. Start fresh: create a new course and copy/paste old parent course information. The outline will be blank.
  2. Go to the old children, and clone each one, fixing dates, re-adding quiz questions, etc. if need be. At this point they are not associated with a parent.
  3. Add each new child to the new parent in the outline: add a course > use existing content (find NEW child) > and do NOT indicate clone and reference - you want to bring in the new child you just created.

This is the one way we have found guarantees that the parent and children are built/cloned and behaving as desired. The only thing that does not clone over using this method is quiz questions, so we re-add them in using “add questions by course or quiz name” and try to use unique quiz question names (for example, if the course is about COPD we might have the questions COPDQ1, COPDQ2 etc.)

If there is a quicker way, I’m all ears, but we’ve had issues (like missing objects) when we try and clone a parent with all of the children under the parent.

Books are the worst when you are trying to clone. We avoid book objects.

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