Ability to indicate not to clone child courses when cloning a parent course



We clone to create new courses. This save times, ensures consistency, and reduces errors for us. Most of our online education is parent courses with multiple child courses, typically between 20-50 child courses. So when we clone a parent course to create a new one, we get clones of all the children as well. RIght now we have to clone the parent and then delete all but one of the cloned children and then use that as our template for the new courses. It’s time-consuming and makes us nervous that we are going to accidentally delete a “real” child course and not an unwanted cloned one.

It would be helpful to be able to indicate when cloning a parent with child courses whether or not to clone those as well. It will have to be able to distinguish between Course objects and other objects as we will always want the other, non-course objects to clone with the parent.