Commendation Criteria Not Matching

It appears the commendation criteria on the ACCME tab > accreditation details do not match the commendation criteria for selection in PARS. We checked off “Addresses factors beyond clinical care” and the course wouldn’t save in PARS. Upon checking PARS, there is no “Addresses factors beyond clinical care.” Furthermore, upon comparing the commendation criteria in Ethos to the ACCME commendation criteria, Ethos is not up-to-date; some are correct, some are missing and some are old. Hoping this can be fixed soon. We want to utilize this feature.

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Hi Elizabeth - The commendation criteria for JA-PARS were recently changed in Ethos, maybe they assumed commendation criteria are the same for JA-PARS and PARS? They are NOT the same. “Addresses factors beyond clinical care” is one for JA-PARS. I recommend taking a screenshot of the commendation criteria in PARS and sending to them in a ticket.