Conference Recordings turned into Online Learning for CME Credit

Hello All,

Does anyone turn their conference recordings into online learning for CME credit? If so, I have some questions:

  1. Are there any special requirements I should be aware of?
  2. If a recording is 59 minutes, can you provide 1 credit? Or should you round down?
  3. If you received grants for the Live Conference, do you have to inform attendees online as well? I might just keep it to be safe.

Sorry to be so clueless but online CME has not been done here before.

Thanks for the help,


Hi, Jessica:

We do this every year for both our annual meeting and practice management workshop. My answers to your questions:

  1. They are CME activities and are governed by the same rules as every other activity. They will be enduring materials, so follow the guidelines for that content type.
  2. Round up for anything less than 7-8 minutes and round down for anything more than 7-8 minutes between the 15 minute markers.
  3. If the live content was sponsored, we acknowledge that.

Hi Jessica,
We do! We record about 50 sessions and then launch them 6-7 at a time after our annual conference. To answer your questions:

  1. It depends on who you are accrediting your courses for-- some groups require pre/post tests for online courses.
  2. We estimate these and its fine. For all of our courses we do pre/post tests so we factor in about 10 minutes of learning for those.
  3. If we get funding for a live course we try and factor in funding for the online as well and then note this. Otherwise I don’t believe you need to, but could always add a note that there was funding received for the live version of that presentation.
  4. We also note on each course that if an attendee attended that specific course and obtained credit (and provide the date of the live presentation) they should not attempt to obtain credit for the online version (no double dipping!).

Hope this helps!

We don’t give credit for the assessments, but if they are significant enough you probably should. Ours are usually very brief.

There’s NO rule that says people can’t double dip. They are two separate activities, and we say good for people going back over the content to actually assimilate it better!

Thank you both for the quick response! I feel much better and this confirmed we are on the right track.

Thanks for the 7 to 8 minutes deciding factor, extremely helpful!