Live vs enduring course setups

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For those who offer live webinars and then make it available on-demand, both for CME, how do you usually set it up?

Right now, we set up one course for the live webinar (we use Zoom, so they watch the webinar on Zoom, then come back to Ethos to complete the eval, quiz, etc. before claiming credit). For the ACCME tab, our start/end date is the same day since that was when the activity took place and that’s how we base reporting. After the live webinar is over, we no longer publish the “live” event course and create a new course for those who want to watch on-demand and then claim credit. We keep that course open until the end of each calendar year.

How does your organization do it? Do you create one course for the live and one course for the enduring?

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That is exactly what we do. I couldn’t think of any other way to offer the recording version. I’m curious to read what others do.

That’s how we do it as as well, and what the ACCME requires.

In some cases we will also allow those who participated in the live session to have access to the recording, but only after they’ve attended the live version. In that case we will add a warpwire video object to the live activity that will be active after the live activity has taken place and only accessible by those that have been marked as ‘attended’


That’s what I do also. We offer CME so each enduring course is good for 3 years from date of release.

I publish the Mp4 in the course outline as a warpwire video. This is quicker than making it into a storyline (or whatever authoring tool you may be using).

I too would like to know if there is a better way to run it.



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As a note - we put both our courses into a parent course and only allow them to register/claim credit for only one of the courses.

As for the video. . . when it is ready, we put it into a Course Page of the outline for the course and notify people that it is ready to be viewed there.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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Thanks all. This was helpful information!

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