EthosCE 7.29 Released

EthosCE 7.29 Release Notes

Sites will be updated per the release schedule. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Add support for creating series from submitted course application
The CME reviewer role may now create a series from an approved activity form if the user account has the “series admin” role. The title and other appropriate fields will be automatically populated in the series.

RSS Workflow Add-on
The RSS Workflow Add-on provides additional workflow enhancements to the EthosCE Regularly Scheduled Series Add-on. The workflow enhancements provided by the RSS Workflow Add-on help managers ensure that compliance and other requirements are met when working with coordinators outside the CPD or CME office. Group Admins and Series Admins have access to workflow dashboards. The workflow dashboards indicate the status of sessions as they move for review between Group Admins and Series Admins. RSS Workflow is now available as an RSS add-on in EthosCE.

EthosCE Analytics Alerts
Administrative users can now create an alert to receive a scheduled email whenever the results from a dashboard tile in EthosCE Analytics meet or exceed a specified threshold. Alerts come with a number of useful features for EthosCE Analytics users including: the creation of multiple alerts on a single dashboard tile, the ability to subscribe to only certain alerts, and a diverse set of conditional alert options.

Quarterly Product Roadmap Update
During the first quarter of 2020, the product development team at EthosCE has identified multiple improvements and new features to enhance future versions of EthosCE. At this time, the focus is on the Course experience within EthosCE. Our team will be targeting enhancements and new features to the Course engine which is paramount to a successful learning experience. Please stay tuned for more information about our 2020 product roadmap!

Bug fixes and other improvements
EthosCE 7.29 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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