Course enrollment expiry relative to purchase date


We’re planning to launch some courses (mostly video-based content) with an enrollment expiry - the goal is to encourage repeat sales over time.

Currently, the system checks the enrollment start date (the point at which “Take Course” is clicked) rather than the enrollment creation date (the purchase date) - we’d love to have the option of setting the course enrollment to expire relative to the purchase date, so the countdown begins immediately.

As it is right now, a learner can purchase the course but not click the the “Take Course” button, so the enrollment expiry countdown will not begin until they click it, which could be weeks or months (especially if purchased during a promo and they didn’t need access immediately).

If you think this will be a useful feature, please vote!

Thanks :smiley:

What about putting the Course Completion / Time limit on the Payment object (settings - Access - Event)?

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic