How do we provide learners with a trial subscription?

We would like to offer learners with a free one-month trial subscription to our educational platform run by Ethos. I am told we are not able to do so as we can only make an expiration date on content/course and not on a user/learner.

Hi @rdempster,

You can set an enrollment duration on the course. This will be applied to all enrolled learners. For example, if you set it to 365 days, the learner’s enrollment will expire a year later.

It’s also possible to set an enrollment end date for individual users. So if you only wanted your trial users to have one month, you can update them there individually.

I know there are a few EthosCE customers out there that use a subscription model and set the users’ enrollment end date via the web service too.

That’s awesome thanks for your knowledge and assistance!


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